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The Bliss Wedding Fair Extraordinaire January 31st In Calgary

Highland’s first wedding show!! It all started with a phone call from Deanna Stroud from mommylicious, saying she had been passed our details from Angie from GMiB (thanks Angie) Deanna discussed the opportunity available for Highland as a sponsor for the Bliss Wedding Fair 31st Jan 2011 @ the Carriage House Inn in Calgary, I must admit we were a little hesitant at doing something this big as it would be our first time in this role. But Deanna can be very supportive and sold the event to us (so grateful you did Deanna thank you) to be honest we’re Chauffeur’s and have zero experience with participating in events. At the same time Lynn Fletcher of multi award winning Lynn Fletcher Weddings invited me to a ISES meeting which was simply such an eye opening experience thank you for the opportunity to witness Andrea Michaels speaking to the Calgary Chapter. And when I told Lynn about being in the wedding fair, she instantly told me not to worry about a thing, and her team would be happy to help this is the same week that Lynn would be in Phoenix winning the @ TSE 2011 Gala Award’s! The team members were Julie Pelley and her (Mum) Mrs Pelley and Afton, who turned up on a freezing cold Sunday @ 06:00 in the morning to set up our showcase booth! Leo Nugteren from Willow Haven flowers @ 5 mins notice on a Friday evening gave us beautiful and expensive flowers for the Bentley (Dorothy) to be decorated at the show! John and Belinda Spear from Le Chocolatier gave us a huge Chocolate truffle basket worth $100 for our Ballot Winner, and 3 hole boxes of truffles that all the vendors got a chance to taste. So as the say the Show was on! To top things off we were on the Radio and were videoed @ the show in an interview how awesome! I was honoured to meet little Mattea Lynn’s daughter who chats away with the best of them so sweet! Lynn was down to check out the event and it was such an honour to see her after such a busy week for her company! Awesome! We would like to thank everyone that made it to the event in a cold Sunday to see our services and all the services available!

Deanna and Hali, pulled off an intimate experience for the bride and groom’s to be for Calgary and surrounding area’s great show! Zen Media is pretty awesome for all the website work and hard work on the day! I honestly feel that having time to share our personal chauffeuring style with Calgary Clients and Vendors was such an amazing opportunity for Highland Executive Chauffeur! It was so amazing meeting other passionate vendor’s great day for networking, fantastic to meet you all. The food @ the end of the show was such a thoughtful touch by Deanna & Hali for the vendors and workers on the day I loved that. I would like to Thank Everyone involved that helped Highland Achieve our First Wedding Show ever: Deanna and Hali of Mommylicious, Lynn, Julie and her mum and Afton from Lynn Fletcher Weddings, Jesse from Free Style Designs, Dave and Murray from Airdrie Trailers, Leo and family and team from Willow Haven Flowers, John and Belinda from Le Chocolatier. Thank you and we couldn’t have made this happen without any of you! Thank you for believing in Highland Executive Chauffeur!!!

Thanks Julie for coming back to help with the break down I owe you one.


The TroUgh Dining Co, Where People Eat.


Absolutely Amazing, this is where I start on this blog, so much positivity about the dining experience at the TroUgh, I can't stop raving about it!!! Owner driven restaurant, which means you can be no doubt served by one of the owners Richard or Cheryl, who feel passionate about their food and most of all their clients’ experience.  I'm all about the personal experience and this is the first restaurant in a long time that seems to achieve just that.  Did I mention that Chef Oscar George Bayne is Head Chef with amazing influx of East Indian dishes, hearty Steak and Ribs and also fish dishes, absolutely delicious dinning, real fantastic service and attention to detail.  The TroUgh source their food locally and organically raising the standard in my humble opinion.  Voted one of Canada’s top 10 restaurants, we love it so much that Highland will be offering on Friday and Saturday’s evenings a chauffeur service dedicated to the Trough and their clients. Highland highly recommends this restaurant as our favorite in the Bow Valley, Visit The TroUgh The TroUgh Dining Co. 725 Walk of Champions Way (9th St.) Canmore, AB., T1W 2V7

Kirstie Tweed of Orange Girl Photographs

Singing hallelujah for my late mother at our amazing wedding

We're SO SO happy to use our first blog to describe the services and super kind hearted and amazingly talented people at Orange Girl Photographs, most definitely our biggest supporter here at Highland Executive Chauffeur Inc.  But more importantly and on a personal level, Kirstie and Kevin work together seamlessly as an husband and wife team, for the last year Highland has been privileged to work alongside Orange Girl on many occasions and also have the photo's of our website and most recently our very own wedding on November the 6th 2010, how would I describe Kirsite's service ok here goes, Outstanding, Personable, Fine details, a true master at capturing emotion, easy going, kind hearted, make you laugh, gentle, incredibly dedicated, worth every penny!  These are just a few things that we can say about Kirstie and Kevin just incredible people to know and we are certainly honoured to know and work with them, let’s bring on the New Year we look forward to our next engagement! Visit Kirstie at