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Gerrard Connelly

After coming to Canada in early 2008 with Fiancée Jennifer, Gerrard was coming to the end of a 2 year contract with an Edmonton company called Waste Services Inc. He was looking into a career with the EPS, when visiting the beautiful Canadian Rockies Gerrard The Founder of Highland, in September 2009 @ Orange Girl Photographs meeting Kirstie Tweed for the first time with his now wife Jennifer, working on wedding photo options, he mentioned that there was a lack of beautiful vintage wedding cars in the bow valley. The minute it was said it started a chain reaction and once the call was put in to business partner Paul, Highland Executive Chauffeur Inc. was born.

The company beginnings stretch back further in to Gerrard’s and Paul’s past and home town and country of Glasgow, Scotland. After completing his basic term in the R.A.F, Gerrard was introduced to Paul 10 years ago to be involved in private security/chauffeuring sector within music, film, theatre and corporate industries. Paul’s and Gerrard’s mutual respect for each other grew into a fantastic working relationship providing the foundations for Highland in the future.

Paul Dunphy

Co-founder of Highland, Paul has a vast history stretching over 20 years now in the personal security/chauffeuring industry, being responsible for all major artists coming to the country along with delegates and professionals, when Paul was introduced to Gerrard I don’t think either of them knew that in 10 years they would be in a completely different continent starting a business together funny where life takes you.

Our Mission

Highland Executive Chauffeur wants to raise the standard of chauffeuring in western Canada, focusing on only the best products and employing or training professional’s drivers to become chauffeurs for our client’s safety and satisfaction. Always adapting with the times using product relevant to our client’s requirements and consistently providing superior service to our clients. Highland also wants to create transportation links with other companies to ensure an all round service to our customers. One of our new site features will allow us to focus on blogging about professionals in and around our area’s to inform our clients of the best and latest venue’s, news and events.