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Outstanding Chauffeur Service

Defining outstanding chauffeur service It's not hard to grasp the factors that separate luxury sedan service and a ride in a taxi. The difference is in the appearance of the car, the guarantee of quality and timeliness and the fact that chauffeurs are highly-trained, customer service professionals. Often, the difference is in the details and training. Chauffeur service encompasses more than just operating a vehicle, and outstanding ground transportation companies will provide seminars on confidentiality and communication.

Is there a difference between exceptional chauffeur service and mediocre? What are the factors that define the very best and ensure an experience that doesn't fail to meet the needs of discerning clients? While many factors can ultimately come into play, an essential part of great service is communication. Can the driver utilize smart phones and other technology to keep in touch with dispatchers and clients? Are they able to take even the subtlest non-verbal cues as an indication of how they can improve their approach? We've curated a list of some of the qualities which can define outstanding chauffeur service:

1. Use of Technology

Cutting-edge software and the integration of smart tools can define an exceptional luxury transportation company. Across all industries, the best are always looking to define the standard for quality by adopting the latest tools. Chauffeurs should display a high level of comfort in using every available resource to provide the best experience. They may utilize up to several software's and websites before each trip to check for traffic patterns, any accidents, road closures or other factors that could affect the route. Having a smart phone on hand can be the defining factor in being able to provide an answer to their client's question or request.

2. Knowledge of Location

Even the most proficient driver can't always provide a high level of service if they're not completely familiar with the surrounding area. Not only does a knowledge of streets lend itself to planning routes and finding parking, it allows Chauffeurs to double as a tour guide or local expert. If their clients are looking for some insight on regional history or the best amenities, a local expert can provide insight that's more personalized and helpful than any Google search.

3. Personalized Approach

The best chauffeur service isn't just luxurious and seamless. It's completely personalized to the client's needs, personality and requests. While a chauffeur often has to rely on non-verbal communication cues and requests to meet their passengers' needs, an expert will take note of the little details to improve each journey.

4. Communication Skills

There are few occupations with room at the top for poor communicators, but the best chauffeur service is often driven by an exceptional ability to take cues from their passengers. Would their passenger prefer dimmed lights and a few moments of quiet? Are they in the mood to chat at length about destinations? Chauffeurs should be seasoned experts at adjusting their own communication style to meet the needs of their passengers.

5. Desire to Exceed Expectations

Any limo company can proclaim their desire to be the best. Is their commitment to customer service and exceeding expectations just a marketing ploy, or is it really part of their company culture? If this expectation of excellence starts at the top, hiring candidates who have a desire to exceed expectations and a proven track record of outstanding customer service becomes a priority for the luxury transportation company.

Highland Executive Chauffeur provides confidential, luxury ground transportation in The Bow Valley Corridor and Calgary. Our team of experts are available to plan outstanding sedan service and logistics support to fit your corporate travel itinerary over the coming months. Please contact us for up-to-date insight on reservations and availability.


2012 Picnic Menu created by the amazing team @ The TroUgh Dinning Co.

Trough Meat & Cheese Platter

Prosciutto, AAA Alberta beef Carpaccio, salami, blue stilton, French brie & aged cheddar, olive tapenade and mushroom duxelle, fresh fruit bowl, selection of crackers

Sandwiches ~ choice of per guest:

AAA Alberta Beef ~ sliced and cooked medium rare, horseradish sauce, crisp romaine hearts, organic tomatoes, cucumber

Roasted Chicken Salad ~ roasted organic chicken breast, cranberry compote, crisp romaine hearts, organic tomatoes, cucumber

The Trough BLT ~ Valbella double smoked bacon, roasted onion relish, crisp romaine hearts, organic tomatoes, cucumber

Egg and aged cheddar ~ free range egg with truffle Meyer lemon mayonnaise, grated aged cheddar, crisp romaine hearts, organic tomatoes, cucumber

~ All our sandwiches are served on 100% whole meal or multigrain bread ~

Salad ~ choice of per guest:

Asian pear ~ gluhwein poached organic pear, blue stilton, candied pecans, house made crystallised ginger, greens with honey lime dressing

Greek ~ crumbled feta cheese, selection of olives, organic tomatoes, cucumber, sliced red onion, julienne of green pepper

Roasted beet & goat cheese ~ slow roasted red and golden beets, Fairwinds Farm Chevre, salad greens with a honey lime dressing

Fresh Black Tiger Prawns ~ roasted red pepper aioli & extra virgin olive oil, salad greens with house made dressing

We're extremely thrilled to be working with The TroUgh Dinning Co. Duo Cheryl and Richard are passionate proprietors who strive for excellence in Standards and fantastic Ambiance in their restaurants, We @ Highland Executive Chauffeur endeavor to bring ThroUgh experience to our amazing picnic in the stunning mountains of the Canadian Rockies.


The TroUgh Dining Co, Where People Eat.


Absolutely Amazing, this is where I start on this blog, so much positivity about the dining experience at the TroUgh, I can't stop raving about it!!! Owner driven restaurant, which means you can be no doubt served by one of the owners Richard or Cheryl, who feel passionate about their food and most of all their clients’ experience.  I'm all about the personal experience and this is the first restaurant in a long time that seems to achieve just that.  Did I mention that Chef Oscar George Bayne is Head Chef with amazing influx of East Indian dishes, hearty Steak and Ribs and also fish dishes, absolutely delicious dinning, real fantastic service and attention to detail.  The TroUgh source their food locally and organically raising the standard in my humble opinion.  Voted one of Canada’s top 10 restaurants, we love it so much that Highland will be offering on Friday and Saturday’s evenings a chauffeur service dedicated to the Trough and their clients. Highland highly recommends this restaurant as our favorite in the Bow Valley, Visit The TroUgh The TroUgh Dining Co. 725 Walk of Champions Way (9th St.) Canmore, AB., T1W 2V7