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Highland Executive Chauffeur was established with passion and personality.

Arriving in Canada in 2008 and visiting the Bow Valley area for the first time, both Gerrard and Jennifer had their hearts set on being married in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. This then progressed into finding a wedding planner, photographer etc. On meeting with their photographer Kirstie Tweed of Orange Girl Photographs in September 2009, Gerrard and Jennifer mentioned their disappointment in the lack of beautiful vintage cars available for special occasions. This sparked an idea and highlighted the need for specialized vehicles in the chauffeuring industry and so, Highland Executive Chauffeur was born.

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland Gerrard brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge on how ‘chauffeuring’ should be conducted. Gerrard completed his basic term time with the Royal Air Force enlisting in him valuable life experiences and professional morals. He was also involved in the private security and chauffeuring sector within the music, film, theatre and corporate industries for many years, Gerrard understands what it takes to be a true chauffeur.

Our Mission

Highland will raise the standard of chauffeuring in Alberta, Canada, focusing on the best products and professional chauffeurs that can provide client safety and satisfaction. We believe in the importance of adapting with the times and providing products that are relevant to our client’s requirements to constantly ensure a superior service is being maintained. It is our goal to build relationships with other professionals in the fields of the travel and tourism industry so that we can ensure our clients all round satisfaction.

‘Proudly Exceeding Expectations’