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Le Chocolatier

Le Chocolatier is a small, independent company based in Canmore, Alberta (near Banff, in the Canadian Rockies), which specializes in handcrafted Belgian chocolates. Begun in 2001, it was purchased by its current owners, John and Belinda Spear, in March 2004. John and Belinda began by making simple (but irresistible) chocolate bars in their basement, much like the founding owners had. Their starting product line included 10 flavours of chocolate bars and six kinds of truffles.

However, John’s passion for chocolate has led him to expand the company greatly, and Le Chocolatier rapidly outgrew the basement, moving into new, customized chocolate-making factory premises in November 2005. Here, the product line has expanded to include 20 chocolate bar flavours, 20 kinds of truffles, and 15 unique chocolate flavours with more arriving all the time. Sugar-free, lactose-free, and organic chocolate are all now produced.

With the recent purchase of two smaller chocolate makers, Le Chocolatier added many other chocolate-related goodies to its repertoire. And there is plenty more to come, as the team is always working on creating new ways to love chocolate.

We now offer our hand made Belgian chocolate products across Canada when you buy online from our website. Check our store regularly as we add new products to the list of old favourites.

Le Chocolatier's range of products includes delicious designer chocolates, chocolate bars, truffles and seasonal novelties in milk or dark chocolate. We offer special chocolates for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, weddings, corporate events, and other occassions. The company supplies five-star hotels, shops, restaurants and businesses in Canmore, Calgary, Banff and Lake Louise, and specializes in the design and creation of chocolate to reflect its customers’ unique style and particular preferences. Only the finest Belgian chocolate and the freshest ingredients are used, with no added preservatives.

The mission

To stretch the boundaries of creative chocolate making, bringing delicious, innovative, chocolate delights to as many people as possible.

The vision

To become big, but always remain personal. Always to produce the highest quality chocolate by using only the freshest ingredients. Not to “think outside the box” — but to recreate the box.

Visit John and Belinda, be warned it may become and addiction @ Le Chocolatier

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