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Cellar Door Wines & Spirits

Who Am I

My name is Alison Nagel and I love great quality wine, exceptional spirits, and distinct, well-made beer. I have traveled to some of the most exciting wine regions of the world and continue to expand my appreciation and knowledge of my products through formal somellier training classes and tastings. In other words, I drink a lot of wine!

Mission of Cellar Door

My mission was to fill the store with remarkable wine priced between $15 and $25 and to include a selection of premium wines that still represent great value. With over 100 wines under $25, I definitely achieved my goal. I tasted hundreds of different wines, spirits and beers and came up with the selection found on the shelves of Cellar Door. Every week I taste new products and continue to expand the selection. Be sure to stop in to see what's new!

Complimentary Tastings

We are always featuring a selection of white and red wine that you can taste free of charge at the tasting bar. This enables you to discover wonderful new wines that you may have overlooked on the shelf and equally important it allows our staff to understand your preferred style of wine and make appropriate recommendations.

Store Layout

The wine in the store is arranged by style. The reds begin with the roses, followed by the light and fruity reds and move through the spectrum to the full-bodied, powerful reds. The whites are organized in a similar fashion starting with the fresh, crisp whites and move through to the full-bodied wines. This arrangement is a great way to ease customers out of their comfort zone and try new regions and new varieties that will still deliver the desired style of wine.

Visit Alison and the amazing store in Canmore @ Cellar Door Wine and Spirits

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