Uber driver breaks down how much he really makes per week after expenses

Uber driver breaks down how much he really makes per week after expenses

Although often considered the cheapest or black cabs, Uber drivers certainly don't work for free. Take a look below at how a taxi driver comes up with a breakdown of his weekly earnings (and it's probably not what you expect):

The YouTuber, who calls himself Driver Matty, revealed how much Uber pays Get in a recent video.

"So I was online for 25 hours and won £500," the driving force explained.

"So it's really £500 over the four days, which isn't too bad."

He added: "So this week so far I've made an average of £20 an hour. So it's not too shabby.

For comparison, according to Statista, the average hourly wage in the UK for full-time employees will be £16.3 per hour from 2022.

Even considering the average Londoner earns £21.19 an hour, the Uber driver isn't making himself too dangerous.

The YouTuber also revealed he earned £800 in 26 hours of work in a single week.

This equates to about 30 pounds per hour.

Matty clarified that this income is pre-tax and his taxi fares are around £200 a week.

He added that Uber is taking a hefty 25% cut.

Photo credit: Driver Matty/YouTube

A certain person replied, “Define 'brand'. An Uber driver could easily "take" £200 a day in fares, but then you'd have to subtract all your fares: car, taxes, insurance, fuel, congestion charges, licenses, etc. »

A London driver defined on his blog that the £1000 was a pure gross sale and not everything goes to your account.

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“Next comes the hefty 25% fee for the pleasure of working with Uber,” they added. “It's £750 a week. £39,000 a year before expenses. 3,250 pounds more or less per month.

However, another user also warned: "You can work whenever you want which is good, but running a non-public rental vehicle is expensive.

"You have to keep the car clean and tidy, which is more difficult in winter."

An Uber spokesperson told LADbible: “Uber drivers in the UK are guaranteed to earn at least a national living, but 99% of them can and will earn more. In the first quarter of 2022, drivers were still earning an average of £29.72 per hour, which varies depending on where and when they drive.

"Drivers are also entitled to paid holidays and a pension, which has enabled us to hire more than 10,000 new drivers in recent months."